Mixa Vision creates distinctive discovery experiences for any type of organization.

Our achievements provide three key benefits:

– First of all, improve the quality of customer experiences

– Also, increase revenues generated by these experiences

– Finally, reduce the costs of their implementation

All this while respecting the consistency of the brand.

Mixed & Augmented Reality Projects

In collaboration with Alfred, The Wine Expert, designer of an application to determine optimal wine consumption and wine cellar inventory management, Mixa Vision is currently realizing a mixed augmented reality experience for one of the world’s leading champagne brands. More prestigious in the world. This experience was presented at the Quebec City 2017 International Salon of Wines and Spirits, under the title “A sommelier at the Tip of your Nose“. In addition, a TV version has been broadcasted live on the “Salut Bonjour Weekend” morning show on the TVA Canadian network.

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Immersive Virtual Reality Projects

For the Quebec National Holiday, as part of the “Parcours du Solstice” activities held on June 23 and 24, Mixa Vision has put in place an application guiding and documenting the visit of animated historical stations. For the Quebec City Day, July 3rd, Mixa Vision presented the city hall with an immersive virtual reality experience showing the evolution of the city at various times.

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Multimedia Event Experiences

Traveling on Jacques Cartier’s caravelle, almost touching the airship that visited Quebec, seeing the geological epochs that formed the St. Lawrence valley, so many adventures to live with the magic of Mixa Vision’s technologies!

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