Mixed Augmented Reality

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Mixed Augmented Reality

In collaboration with Alfred, The Wine Expert, designer of an application that has developed unique algorithms to determine optimal wine consumption and wine cellar inventory management, Mixa Vision is currently realizing a mixed augmented reality experience for one of the world’s leading champagne brands. More prestigious in the world.

This experience was presented at the Quebec City 2017 International Salon of Wines and Spirits, under the title “A sommelier at the Tip of your Nose“. In addition, a TV version has been broadcasted live on the “Salut Bonjour Weekend” morning show on the TVA Canadian network.

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A Sommelier at the Tip of your Nose

Mixa Vision has offered visitors to the Quebec City’s 2017 International Salon of Wines and Spirits an avant-garde Mixed and Augmented Reality experience linked to the world of wine. Using Microsoft HoloLens goggles, visitors saw vignettes and films featuring the fabulous wine cellar of the Bistro le Coureur des Bois in Beloeil (Alfred partner and Ruinart ambassador in Quebec) and the marvelous Vineyards of the Ruinart champagne house, presented in a distinctive and refined Art Nouveau style.

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Live with Philippe LAPEYRIE at the “Salut Bonjour” TV Show

Mixa Vision, in collaboration with Alfred, the Wine Expert, presented an unprecedented Mixed & Augmented Reality experience live on the “Salut Bonjour” morning TV show broadcasted on May 6, 2017 by the TVA Canadian network. For the occasion, Mixa Vision has created onstage a virtual cellar made of interactive animations, which the animator Philippe LAPEYRIE, sommelier, experienced in front of about 400,000 viewers. Using a Microsoft HoloLens headset, the animator saw around him the fabulous wine cellar of Bistro le Coureur des Bois in Beloeil (Quebec) recreated in augmented reality, while describing his experience in a compelling and lively way.

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